Critical Path maintains a safe and clean work environment.  This enables work to be completed efficiently as possible.  Unsafe environments will cause unnecessary delays and cost.

In order to avoid accidents we must remove the potential cause.  Most potential causes are a result of an unsafe act or condition. Implementing and teaching safe standards we are able to recognize potential causes or situations that may create unsafe conditions. By recognizing the unsafe acts or conditions, we can effective reduce exposure to them.  As an employer in the construction world it is required to have Safety standards to follow. A purpose of enforcing Safety Standards is to enable workers to identify hazards in the workplace.  This also makes it easier to identify generally through quarterly inspections and make recommendations to the workers regarding corrections of the hazards. This ultimately leads to project being completed in a time manner as well

Protect the Public:

Rope off areas with Caution Tape, cones, fence and or barricades.

Keep the work area clean

Lock up equipment at night

Providing and using the right tools

Correct clothing and protective gear